Our office is committed to providing excellent customer service with a variety of financial services to 澳门皇家赌城在线大学 students, 教职员工.  


  • Collecting payments for student fees, child care fees and other obligations.
  • Refunds - to process you must fill out a refund request form. (请使用本页侧边栏的连结)
  • Student Fee waivers - to process you must fill out a waiver form. (请使用本页侧边栏的连结)
  • 学生,分类 & Faculty Payroll - at this time disbursements are mailed directly or sent via direct deposit.
  • 奖学金跟踪和处理.


  • Student ID
  • 粘土收据


Students can also report problems with print card kiosks (located in the Library).

For official business, students must know their student ID number.


虚拟停车许可证 可以在网上购买吗. 所有的学生, faculty, staff, and visitors must register their vehicle license plate when purchasing parking permits. 

A valid virtual semester or daily parking permit is required for all vehicles, 包括摩托车, 在校园内停车(政府车辆除外). Grace periods may be implemented at the beginning of each semester. It is the responsibility of every driver to know and obey the VCCCD and California Vehicle Code parking regulations.

For additional details or to purchase a day pass please use the links in the sidebar on this page

Any students seeking to pay with cash payment instead of online may come to the 学生事务处 to purchase a virtual parking permit. 


  • 周一8:30am-5:00pm
  • 周二8:30am-5:00pm 
  • 周三8:30am-5:00pm
  • 周四8:30am-5:00pm
  • 周五8:30am-12:00pm



Making an ePayment

学生A refund for